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Standing or Slow-moving Water?


If it takes 15 minutes for your bathroom sink to clear or you’re forced to stand in water while you’re taking a shower, your plumbing isn’t working like it should. The drains in your home should empty water almost instantly. Over time, hair and grease collect in your drains and pipes. Sometimes roots grow into your sewer system. If these obstructions aren’t addressed, they’ll eventually lead to a total blockage. Fortunately, the service department at Total Plumbing & Heating can unclog and clean your drains and pipes so they work like new. We’re available 24 hours daily and our Drain Cleaning Services include:

  • Bathroom drains, tub, sink & shower
  • Cabling and jetting
  • Camera and video inspection
  • Catch basins
  • Disposal & dishwasher repair
  • Downspout drains
  • Floor drains
  • Hot water heater repair & replacement
  • Main sewer lines
  • Clogged grease traps
  • Toilet drains