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CEO: Elvia Johnson & President: Paul Johnson

Paul and Elvia became new owners of Total Plumbing in April of 2000. Since taking over, they’ve expanded Total Plumbing to service Heating, HVAC, and Excavation. Prior to Paul and Elvia’s tenure as owners, Paul served as a Technician for 15 years. Today, Paul oversees plumbing sales, and business planning. Elvia, a Cuban-American immigrant, knows the value of hard work for one’s self, family and community, coupled with Paul’s matched drive and expertise, Total Plumbing & Heating, ltd have two great leaders.


Vice President: Joe Sluis

Joe joined the Total Plumbing & Heating family in March 2006. After joining, with success in a variety of roles over the years, Joe worked his way to become Vice President in 2015. Previously, Joe worked in the Plumbing & Heating Wholesale Industry where he developed a relationship with Total Plumbing & Heating and the Johnsons.


Technician: Alex Johnson

Alex is the eldest child of Paul and Elvia. A 2011 graduate of Dakota High School, Alex has been shown  hard work and sacrifice.. Alex looks to someday take over Total Plumbing & Heating, ltd for his mother and father. Alex joined Total Plumbing as Full-Time Technician in 2011. He’s a father himself, to a healthy first-grade boy, and hopes to instill good hard working values for his son.


Future CEO: Aiden Johnson

Aiden is in 1st grade and in training to be the future CEO of Total Plumbing & Heating, ltd. During his spare time he likes to play video game, basketball and football.