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Without Hot Water, It’s Like Camping in Your Own Home


Too often, we take hot water for granted. Because water heaters are usually tucked away in a utility closet or basement, we forget about them. But, when you go without a hot shower for a couple days, the importance of a water heater is quickly revealed. Without one it’s like roughing it in your own home. At Total Plumbing & Heating, we’ve been doing water heater service, repair and replacement for over 40 years. When your water heater breaks or needs to be replaced, we have the skills and experience required to effectively install or repair it. We know that water heaters are a significant investment, and we handle them with care. To best serve you, Total Plumbing & Heating offers expert water heater repair & service throughout Northern Illinois. For a full description of these services, click on the topic tabs above.

If you’re stuck without hot water, don’t hesitate: call Total Plumbing & Heating at 815-877-1743. With same day service, we’ll restore your hot water, and your sanity!